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The Local Guide To The Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor Area

Local Events, Art, & Music In Southeastern Michigan

Local Guide To Ypsilanti & Ann Arbor
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I Bet Our Dick's Bigger Than Yours

This community is devoted to events going on in Southeast Michigan.

All posts are moderated to ensure that the information presented is of the highest quality.

Please follow the typical and simple rules:

+ Please have each post include as much of the following information of the event, artwork, or author as possible:
- Who:
- What:
- When:
- Where:
- How:
- Why:
+ No negative comments to other members
- If you have something negative to say, do it on your own time, not the community's.
+ No plagerizm of icons, writings, pictures, etc without permission from the member, author, or artist FIRST
+ If you're going to post tons of pictures, please use the LJ cut tag

If you can't follow those extremely simple rules it will result in your removal from the community.